Coffee & Uche Okeke S2EP3 - Key Takeaways with Selma Etareri

Published 23 May 2024 in Podcast

Uche Okeke Legacy Editorial

In this episode of Coffee & Uche Okeke, hosts Salma Uche-Okeke and Tamzin Lovell are joined by ceramic and performance artist Selma Etareri, who shared her profound artistic journey and the transformative experiences that shape her work. Selma Etareri's artistic journey is a remarkable testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and cultural exchange. Her experiences highlight the value of making connections within the artistic community and embracing opportunities for cross-cultural learning and collaboration. As Selma continues to push the boundaries of her craft, her story serves as an inspiration to artists everywhere to follow their creative instincts and forge their own paths to artistic fulfilment. 

Here are some key insights from the conversation!

Early Influences and Pursuing Passion

Growing up in an artistic household, Selma was immersed in creativity from a young age. Despite initial resistance from her parents, who were also artists, Selma followed her passion for ceramics and performance art. This determination led her on a path of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

Inspiration through Connections

Throughout her career, Selma has found inspiration through her interactions with fellow artists. These encounters have not only ignited new ideas but have also broadened her perspective on the diverse forms of expression within ceramics. Selma emphasises the importance of these connections in fostering creativity and growth within the artistic community.

Cultural Exchange Initiatives

Selma is a strong advocate for cultural exchange initiatives, particularly between the Austrian and Nigerian ceramics scenes. These programs provide opportunities for artists to learn from each other's techniques and histories, enriching their artistic practice and cultural understanding. Selma has participated in workshops abroad, where she has been able to immerse herself in different artistic traditions and gain valuable insights into the global ceramics landscape.

The Impact of the Harmattan Workshop

One of the most memorable experiences for Selma was attending the Harmattan Workshop in Nigeria. This immersive program allowed her to explore Nigeria's rich cultural heritage while creating artwork inspired by her surroundings. The workshop profoundly influenced Selma's artistic style and approach to storytelling through performance art. It was a transformative experience that opened her eyes to new possibilities in her craft.

Insights into Contemporary Ceramic Artistry

Selma Etareri's journey offers valuable insights into contemporary ceramic artistry and the power of cultural exchange in shaping artistic expression. Her story highlights the impact of pursuing one's passion and embracing opportunities for learning and growth. Through her art, Selma continues to bridge cultural divides and inspire others to explore the possibilities of creative expression.

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